Our design consultations makes it simple to describe your design ideas and help set your budget. Tell us about your business and what you need designed. Don’t worry, consultations are free. The more details, the better your design.


Face to face with a graphic artist.

Tired of chasing down designers on the internet? We have a full design staff that you can sit one on one with. Real is better!


Free consultations.

This is a risk-free opportunity for you to speak with one of our team members about your brand, your business and how great design can help you.


It’s all yours.

When you purchase a logo package you own the design and can use it for anything. Forever.


Las Vegas based company Warrior Wraps specializes in vehicle wraps, and in creating branding and rebranding of your company’s image.  Our services go above the standard design processes.

Graphic Design Services Examples

Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle color change has many benefits in the wrap itself. The wrap will make your car look new again. It also helps protect the paint underneath the wrap.

Business Branding

Does your Company need logos, letterheads, business cards, fleet vehicle wraps? Warrior Wraps’ Design Team can help you with all your Company Branding needs!

Hotel and Casino

Warrior Wraps is a Las Vegas graphic design company.  We specialize in creating branding and rebranding your companies image.  Our services go above and beyond.

Avery certified installer warrior wraps vehicle wraps


All WarriorWraps Installers are certified Installers. Our Installers have worked with various graphic/vinyl film applications. This certification covers vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, rough wall and existing graphic installations.


Do you need graphics removed? Are they burnt, faded, or unsightly? Warrior Wraps has a full service team dedicated to the removal and cleaning of unwanted graphics. Graphic removal fees are based on an hourly rate. Please send us a quote for more information.

Print production setup


We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories. Our team are experts at their craft, so we can always be trusted to get it done right.


Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a printing process using a specially designed ribbon that holds solid inks. The printer heats the ink, causing it to sublimate – which means it skips the liquid form and transitions directly into a gaseous state. (Another example of the use of sublimation within the industry is freeze-drying.) ~Source


Rigid Substrates

Rigid substrates, as the name implies, have permanent shape and form. They’re made of stacks of thin layers called laminate substrates. Laminate substrates can be made from a wide variety of materials, but the two widely used are FR4 and Bismaleimide-Triazine (BT). ~Source


Roll to Roll Graphics

Roll-to-Roll printing (also known as Direct-to-Fabric printing) is a textile printing method that refers to printing directly onto a roll of fabric, as opposed to printing directly on garments, or other printing methods. ~Source


Cutting & Routing

Instead of using separate finishing tables, the cutting and routing process has evolved with the development of hybrid CNC routers that include larger routing spindles with tangential and oscillating knives. ~Source


Color Management

“Color management” is a process where the color characteristics for every device in the imaging chain is known precisely and utilized in color reproduction. ~Source

Simple As That

How it works

Tell us what you’re looking for.

Our design consultations make it simple to describe your design ideas and help set your budget. Tell us about your business and what you need designed. Don’t worry, consultations are free. Take your time. The more details, the better your design.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form, and should convey one message. An effective logo usually has a concept, or meaning behind the logo, that allows it to communicate the intended message. It should be printable at any size and be effective without color.

With these things in mind, it would be safe to say that a great logo usually comes down two things: a great concept and great execution.

Web and print ready files and copyright.

Your logo design comes with web and print-ready files, and you own the unrestricted copyright when purchasing a logo package.

We start the design process.

When creating a design, we follow a design process that ensures the final design suits the client’s needs (not their wants). Here’s a list of what’s essential to the design process:

Design brief: Start with a questionnaire or interview with the client to get the design brief.

Research: Conduct research focusing on the industry, its history, and its competitors.

Reference: Look at designs that have been successful and current styles/trends that may be related to the design brief; however, don’t follow trends just for the sake of it. Longevity in design is key.

Sketching and conceptualizing: Develop the design concept(s) around the above-referenced brief and research.

Reflection: Take breaks throughout the design process to allow your ideas to mature. This also helps to renew your enthusiasm and get feedback.

Presentation: Present you with your new company identity warrior wraps package.

Put your artwork to work: Once finished you can start marketing your business.