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Exterior Graphic Designs

Building Wraps

Building Wraps are a perfect way to utilize the outer walls of your business! Warrior Wraps’ designers can help you design an inviting and creative exterior to wow your customers!

Staircases and Floors

Staircase Wraps and Floor Graphics

A great added branding opportunity is stair graphics.  Stair graphics and/or stair wraps have been utilized at large sporting events, hotel and casinos, trade shows and many more events.  The advertising world has come to pick this particular design idea on busy staircases. The staircase wraps feature massive ads that can reach thousands of people.  It also creates a great marketing campaign that pops out in front of all the other traditional ideas.  Staircase graphics can be temporary or permanent depending on the term of advertisement or design element.  It is best to use software to calculate the layout of the printed area in order to capture the true 3d experience.

Frosted vinyl las vegas

Frosted Wraps

Frosted Vinyl Graphics

Add an amazing etched effect with this frosted finish Frosted Premium Vinyl. Warrior Wraps can create that classy look for any project you have!

    Construction Wall Graphics

    Construction Wall Wraps

    There is no doubt that construction project sites can be an eyesore. Even plywood walls are not that visually appealing. With a construction wall wrap the aesthetics of what’s to come is welcoming to the passer by audience.

    Wrapped construction walls are not only a  “Coming Soon” placeholder, it could also act as a brand visual or advertising billboard. Construction wall wraps are always customized to your size specification.

    There are multiple options when it comes to a construction wall wrap. Call today or visit our showroom.

    Contruction wall wraps warrior wraps

    Direction Signage

    A great customer experience is guaranteed when they can find the product, service or event they’re after. With directional signage you can mitigate customers being lost or any confusion.More info

    Graphics Removal

    Do you need graphics removed? Are they burnt, faded, or unsightly? Warrior Wraps has a full service team dedicated to the removal and cleaning of unwanted graphics.More info